Chronically Pregnant – Week 35


Ah yes, nothing like a little preterm labor whilst trying to enjoy a family dinner! I’d been having steady contractions for 2 hours before this lovely photo was taken but I was certain that they were just Braxton Hicks. My honey and I went on to dinner with my two sisters and Mom only to have my contractions get much stronger throughout dinner. Leave it to me to somehow make myself the center of attention and my Mom’s Mothers Day dinner! Good Grief! We headed to the hospital shortly after paying the bill, but not before my two sisters had a little SnapChat fun. (These girls always keep me laughing!)

We were in another city when I when all of this happened so we went to the closest Emergency Room and I was taken right up to labor and delivery. While there, the doctors ran some tests and gave me meds to stop the contractions, and the meds worked. Something else happened while we were there too. You see, this was the hospital I originally wanted to deliver at but I wasn’t able to get a consult with the anesthesia team until right before my due date. Since we weren’t sure if I’d be delivering that night, guess who we got to meet with for a consult? Much to our surprise, the anesthesia team had a much more relaxed idea about my labor and delivery options. They are a level 3 NICU hospital and deal with high risk pregnancies on the regular so when I told them about having Transverse Myelitis, they barely batted an eye. After a short team meeting, the anesthetists told me that if I wanted to have an epidural, it was just fine with them. There are risks no matter what option I went with due to my medical condition, so they told me I should get to make the decision myself. Fast forward to the next day, I’m back home on bedrest and we have made an official venue change. There are no guarantees of course. I could labor too fast to get an epidural and have to go with nothing. I could still need a C-section, but I have what I’ve desired from the beginning, the power to choose.

We have decided to cancel the scheduled C-Section and let nature run it’s course. My hope is to have an epidural and a vaginal delivery of Baby Jax. Our little escapade that landed us at the hospital ended up being a Blessing in disguise and, in my heart, I knew that our decision to go this route was the best option for us.

Here are a few thoughts I have looking back at my labor and delivery options:

  1. Although getting a second opinion proved to be difficult for us, if you are unhappy or unsure about the options you’re being given about you labor and delivery, definitely seek out another opinion. I absolutely love my current OB, and even the anesthesia team he works with are really great, but the bottom line is that the hospital was not really equipped to handle such a high risk case as my own. My options had to be limited to the confines of what that particular hospital could handle, which was a controlled C-Section under general anesthesia. As much as I wish my current OB doctor could deliver our baby, I’m so thankful that I was able to consult with another hospital.
  2. Do your research and stick to your guns. There’s probably little doubt that any OB doctor has more knowledge of your super rare disease than you do. Even though the coalition for TM actually recommends an epidural for a number of reasons, I just couldn’t seem to get anyone to understand until I talked to the very flexible anesthesia team and the new hospital
  3. I’ve known in my heart from the get-go that having a C-section under general anesthesia was not the right option for me. That’s not to say it won’t end up happening anyways but my gut just told me this wasn’t the way to go for me. Trust your heart and your gut. We really do have way more control over our health and treatment options than we realize. Just because a doctor gives XYZ recommendation or prescribes XYZ medication, doesn’t mean it’s always the best option. There are medications and treatments I refuse to take or take part in and it’s 100% my rightful option to say “No” or “I think there’s a better way. I’m not comfortable with this.”  It’s yours too!

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