Chronically Pregnant- Week 33


Thank God for these sweet ultrasounds that serve as a reminder as to why I was crazy enough to be pregnant in my 30’s and with a ridiculous medical condition. Just look at those adorable lips and cheeks! I can’t wait until the day I get kiss that beautiful face. About this time I’m feeling like a kid in the backseat of a car on a long road trip. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now?” I’m really trying to embrace the journey but I’m getting homesick! I’m ready to fit into shoes again (My feet are so swollen and I think I don’t have ankles anymore!), ready to reclaim some mobility, ready for the heartburn to be gone, and ready to maybe not have to sleep with 50 pillows to attempt an hour of comfort before having to get up to pee. Oh and let’s not forget that I’m totally ready to trade my 40oz of Whine for a nice glass of Wine.

I just looooovvveee (sense the sarcasm here) when people say “Must be nice to be in bed all day.” or my favorite, “This is the easy part. Just wait until the baby get’s here!.” Deep breaths Lisa, deep breaths. They know not what they speak of. It’s not like this is my first rodeo, people. This is baby #5 for me and let me tell ya, this has been the most challenging pregnancy yet. I know it’s going to be so very worth all of it when Baby Jax gets here but until then, you’ll hear me whine a bit.

While my body continues to fight me, I do get to enjoy things like watching my belly move when the baby has hiccups and feeling his kicks (unless he’s kicking my ribs or bladder. I’m not required to enjoy that). His sonogram photos make me long for the day I get to hold him and I even have this little wooden toy car that just always seems to make me so happy to look at. I love thinking about him playing with it someday. It’s the little things that help me to stay optimistic throughout all of the big things that threaten to dismember my sanity.

Thought for the day:

What are the “little things” that help you keep your sanity through your pregnancy?

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