Chronically Pregnant – Week 31



Who else here is driving their family crazy with nesting?! I know I am! I’ve become totally neurotic about my house being clean, everything being sanitized, and getting the nursery put together. I cried today because I didn’t have a diaper bag yet and, OMG! we MUST have a diaper bag! Lord, help my poor family right now. What makes it worse is I’m not mobile enough to do any of it on my own so now I’m like the evil queen who sits upon her throne of pillows and nags everyone to utter death about cleaning. “The house feels cluttered. The baby’s crib needs to be put together. What’s that on the floor?! Where’s the bleach!?!?!?” Ah yes, carefree Lisa has been taken over by Aliens… well, one tiny alien. I seriously don’t remember being this completely nuts with my other pregnancies, or maybe that’s something we are programmed to forget, like labor pain. Either way, the Roomba is on 24/7 and I’m panicking over dishes left in the sink.

I have not good advise for you Mammas this week. It is what it is. I think that my inability to take care of things on my own just makes me more crazy. Just be sure to say “sorry” and “thank you” and “I love you” A LOT to your poor, sweet family whom you are torturing right now. Maybe post the definition of “Nesting in Pregnancy” to your refrigerator as a reminder to your spouse and children that this really is temporary and that, soon enough, they’ll get their sweet wife/mom back so they don’t have you committed.

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