Chronically Pregnant – Week 30


I just have to take some time out to recognize my amazing support system. This is a pic of me at a team work event. I was nervous to even go but when I showed up, husbands were there to park my car for me and help me up the steps. My amazing girlfriends cleared off a space on a comfy couch and fed me and made sure I was comfortable.
Since on bed rest, my friends have set up a meal train for me and have fed our family, which is like feeding a small army. A couple of my girlfriends pitched in to have a housekeeper come to my casa once a week and clean. My kids have picked up additional chores and my sweetheart has been running kids around, coaching basketball and soccer, and picking up extra slack (including me when I can’t get up on my own) all while working and going to school full time.
My heart has been overflowing with gratitude. All of this for me and I have nothing to give in return except a depth of thanks I could never begin to express in words. My friends and family have been a monumental Blessing and I’m overwhelmed by the selflessness and love that have been extended. This is the truest love, Agape love, at it’s very essence. These beautiful and amazing people have sacrificed their own time and resources to extend their goodwill at every moment in this pregnancy. You know who you are and know that I love you so much, that this time will never be forgotten, and that you have impacted my life in such a way that will always be imprinted in my heart. Thank you for loving me, inspiring me, and encouraging me. Thank you uplifting me, for being a shoulder to cry on, for being my family. 

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