Chronically Pregnant – Week 26


I’ve spent a good majority of the last week sleeping. I find that I’m able to get up and be active in short spurts (and by short I mean 30 minutes max) but then it takes me two hours to recover. Blow drying my hair feels like running a marathon so enjoy the last picture you may ever see me with my hair not in a messy bun! I’ve learned to sit while I do anything and have even been faithfully using the store scooter if I have to go out. I’ve also learned of WalMart Pick Up!!! OMG ya’ll, I could have cried when I discovered I could do all of my grocery shopping online, go to the store, and have it all loaded into my car! I love Amazon Prime Pantry but that left me still going to the store for refridgerated items and produce. NOT ANYMORE!

I’m learning to adapt to my condition, as I always do. It’s not been easy but I’m still a fighter! I still want to take as much burden off of my family as possible during this time so I’ve learned to be creative. While I miss going to work at the Urgent Care, my bread and butter job I do from home. This I discovered after initial onset of TM but that’s a whole other story. I’m able to work from bed so that’s been amazing. I also invested in a heart rate monitor and pedometer so I can keep myself in check. I know I need to stay under “X” amount of steps per day as not to push my body too hard, but I also use it to make sure that I’m getting “X” amount of steps per day so I don’t start losing muscle tone.

Here are a few extra adaptions I’ve made that may help you too!

  1. I make myself a check off list of what I’d like to get done in a day. This may include household chores, laundry, meal prep, running errands, etc. I make sure that all of my activity will last me no longer than 20-30 minutes at a time. For example, I break up housework over the course of a week. On Monday, I may commit to cleaning one bathroom, on Tuesday, I will mop the kitchen and entry way, on Wednesday, I’ll mop the living room and dining room, etc. I’ve also got kids to help with chores so this is a huge help and they’ve really stepped it up!
  2. I only cook twice a week. I make big meals like stews or casseroles that can be spread out over 2 days. The rest of the days, we eat picnic style. While I LOVE to cook, I just don’t have the capacity to stand, or even sit, to prep meals multiple days a week.
  3. So many things can be done from bed! The kids have learned to pile on in. Here we do homework, chat about their day, play board games (My 8 year old can school me in Mancala any day of the week), and braid hair. This allows me to spend quality time with my kids while exerting little energy.

What creative ways are you learning to adapt to your body’s needs? I’d love to hear!

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