Chronically Pregnant – Week 22


Nope, I’m not laying on the beach naked. I did, bravely, don a two piece swimsuit. I haven’t seen my nether regions in several weeks now so I’m hoping my blind shave was successful and that I’m not scaring tourists and children off the beach. I could just be kind and pop on some shorts but then my tan would be uneven! I don’t need a giant belly AND a farmers tan to boot. Just have to take my chances with this one.

Crazy tan lines or giant naked belly aside, I featured this photo this week as a reminder that we need to STOP and RELAX! As my pregnancy progresses, I find it harder to bend over, fight overwhelming fatigue, do simple chores. My nerves always seem to be frayed and overall, I feel like I just can’t keep up. Some of this is from pregnancy of course. Some of this is because my body is in a battle with itself. Physical therapy helped tremendously with my balance issues but there are still times I get stuck in the bathtub and can’t get out without help or I feel very unsteady on my feet. I don’t think it’s any secret that chronic, high stress, is not good for our bodies or our babies! So, with this, I’m learning, slowly but surely, that I just have to stop what I’m doing and just do nothing! My “Zen Zone” is at the beach so I’ve been making an effort to go more frequently and it’s been so therapeutic

SO… some tips to help you avoid utter madness during your pregnancy

  1. Carve out 20 minutes a day where you can decompress. Let the loads of laundry, the piled up dishes, and the kids’ crazy sports schedules slip your mind. Focus on your fetus. Take a few minutes just to breathe deeply and be aware of your pregnancy and the bundle of love growing within you.
  2. Pick one day a week that you are doing to STOP and RELAX. That may mean getting away from the house and going to the beach or park. Maybe it means setting up a fort with your kids and staying under it all day reading books and eating snacks. Go get your nails painted. Don’t even think about touching chores or work. Believe me, it’s not going anywhere.
  3. Learn to say “No” and learn to ask for help. These are the two hardest things for me to do, but you have to dial it back a bit. I’ve stopped trying to attend every school function and personal event. I simply can’t and that’s OK. I’ve also had to learn to ask for help from friends and family. My mom comes and helps clean the house. My kids have picked up extra chores. Jaxs’ Daddy comes to my rescue daily with helping to lift me and hold me up while we’re walking.


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