Chronically Pregnant – Week 21


Holy Leg Cramps Batman! Is there anything worse than being woken up in the middle of the night by a Charlie-horse?! Like seriously, these should just not be allowed to happen to pregnant women ever. While it’s common in pregnancy, I feel like leg cramps are even more exacerbated by my neuro condition. My muscles just twitch for days after getting one of these. (Soooo annoying). The sudden cramping also leaves my legs feeling weak, which also puts me at a greater risk for having balance issues. SO, I decided to get to the bottom of this! After some trial and error, I feel like I have discovered the Leg Cramp Cocktail that has helped tremendously in keeping the muscle misbehavior at bay. Allow me to share:

Lisa’s Leg Cramp Cocktail:

  1. HYDRATE! – Hydration is mission critical at this stage. In addition to drinking enough water to keep me in competition with a camel, I also drink one 32oz G2 (low calorie) Gatorade daily. The extra electrolytes are helpful, as an electrolyte imbalance can play a role in muscle cramping, among other issues.
  2. A Banana A Day! – The extra potassium can help prevent those evil leg cramps so make like a monkey!
  3. 2 Tums at Night! – I chew 2 Tums an hour before bed. The extra calcium can help relieve and prevent the cramping
  4. Get a Little Extra Magnesium in your diet! – So foods rich in magnesium are dark-leafy greens, nuts, seeds, beans, yogurt, fish, dried fruit, and my very favorite source of Magnesium….Dark Chocolate. ❤ (These foods can also help relieve constipation so double win for everyone!)
  5. Stretch! – I do leg stretches every day. Keeping your muscles loose and maintaining flexibility helps keep blood flowing to your overtaxed legs.
  6. Walk it out! – As much as walking is the LAST thing you want to do when you’re hit with a spasm, getting up and walking on the affected leg as soon as you feel that pesky cramp coming on will help ease it off.



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