Chronically Pregnant- Week 20



Well I ALMOST made it to the halfway mark of my pregnancy without falling…so close! 2 days ago I was stepping into the bath when my foot slipped and I contorted all kinds of ways I didn’t know possible just trying not to fall on my belly. Ungracefully, I landed on my butt at the bottom of the bathtub, but not before completely sending my nervous system into panic mode. I was home alone and couldn’t get out of the tub so I did what any normal person would do under the circumstances and just went ahead a took a hot bath. 30 minutes later, my knight in shining armor came to my rescue and helped me out of the tub. (and by help I mean he pretty much lifted me out because my legs were too weak to be of any actual use to me) I made it into bed where I layed for two days. When I finally got back to Physical Therapy I realized I was not only in a full blown flare, but had fairly well unraveled all of the work I’d been doing in PT in the first place. I was a bit discouraged to say the least. I learned a few lessons that day…

What I learned from my fall:

  1. Falling while you’re pregnant is scary as SH*#!
  2. If you have balance issues with your auto/neuro condition, suck it up and install rails in your bathroom. I’ve had a couple of “close encounters” before the big spill. I’m thankful I didn’t fall on the belly but this could have all been avoided if I’d just had handicapped rails installed in my tub to help me get in and out.
  3. The fall made me very hyper-aware of my surroundings. Pay close attention. Is there water on your floor? Have the kids left toys out? Is there furniture that stands in the way of you getting to the bathroom when it’s late at night and dark? Falls are not always avoidable, but we can certainly do our part by ensuring that we have clear paths to walk (or wobble) on.

2 thoughts on “Chronically Pregnant- Week 20”

  1. I have rails in my tub that have suction cups and can be moved to any position, got them at Home Depot, but I have seen them at grocery stores also. That is my only fear! I fall asleep and fall out of my chair on occasion, but have not fallen from a standing position, I am so scared I will hurt myself and this disease has hurt my body enough. So very happy you and the baby are okay! Be careful ♡

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