Chronically Pregnant – Week 18


10 little fingers and 10 little toes with a sweet little face and the cutest button nose.

My nerves were racked before this Ultrasound. Even though all of our blood work has come out normal, I feared what the affects of Transverse Myelitis would have on our baby. While I discontinued as many medications as I possibly could for this pregnancy, there was just simply no way for me to eradicate them all without putting my body in severe distress. So, you can imagine my absolute relief at seeing our healthy baby boy floating around happily in his temporary home.
Although this pregnancy has been quite difficult on my body, there is still something quite empowering about realizing that this broken body of mine can still produce something so healthy, so beautiful. Maybe you are in that boat right now too. Perhaps the weight of the pain that this pregnancy has put you through is almost too much to bear. Just remember this, of all of the bad that your body has done, it is still capable of doing so much good.

A little perspective for you today:

  1. My body is a nuisance on so many levels…but it’s also still capable
  2. There is no room for guilt. Having a baby when you have a chronic illness is not selfish. It is beautiful.
  3. You were already a warrior of your illness to being with, now you fight for two. Be proud of yourself and your body, no matter how much your body gives you backlash!

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