Chronically Pregnant- Week 16


Do you find yourself spending the day in your sweatpants? Are you rocking a messy bun, bunny slippers, and can’t remember the last time you put on lip gloss? I get it. Not only are we trying to deal with this chronic disorder, but now we have pregnancy on top of that. We feel accomplished just for waking up before noon! It’s definitely ok to have the occasional “Lazy Day”, but I don’t recommend making a habit of it.
What happens when you get dressed, fix your hair, put a little shadow and gloss on? You feel more confident, more motivated, and refreshed. These are important feelings for us to experience, and experiencing them daily can greatly improve how we feel about ourselves. You don’t have to get super fancy! Leggings, a cute shirt, your favorite sandals paired with a bracelet, some lip gloss, and a headband is easy! Try it and see what happens.

Tips for not feeling like a Mom-Zombie

  1. Treat yourself to a nice bath. Pour your favorite bubbles, light a few candles, sip on your favorite non-alcoholic drink (but drink it in a wine glass so you feel fancy).
  2. Shave your legs. I know, I know, you can’t even see your toes right now, or your legs, but shaving makes you feel like a whole new woman!
  3. Go get your toenails painted. It costs about $12, lasts for about a month, and makes us feel pretty!  (Many of us with auto/neuro disorders have neuropathy and can’t stand having our feet touched. When I get my nails painted, I don’t get an actual pedicure. I let them know about my sensitive feet and opt out of foot massage, and nail filing)

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