Chronically Pregnant- Week 14


d8882b7799249affde1d6ad0fd63e347   I’ve started to feel Baby Jax moving around in there and it’s such a wonderful feeling! What’s not a wonderful feeling is the horrible back pain I’ve been having. When I say horrible I mean feels like my spine is in a vice grip, lightning bolts are coursing through my legs, and forget about trying to get up on my own if I dare to bend at the waist or sit on the floor. ( I literally had to text Jax’s Daddy to come help me off the floor the other day. The struggle is real, yal’ll)  I expected this during my third trimester but not in my second! I have increased spasticity which is definitely not helping. I’ve also noticed changes in my mobility as I’m less steady on my feet and have had some gait issues. While keep my pain under control has been difficult, here are a few things I’m doing to try to soften the intensity of the pain that really seem to be beneficial for me.

  1. Epsom Salt Baths- I like to dim the lights, burn a few candles, and just make my atmosphere highly relaxing and I allow the water to take some of the pressure off of my back and the heat and Epsom salts sooth my aching muscles and nerves.
  2. The wide wall squats are definitely not happening for me, but the other stretches in the photo above have been of great help! The cat and camel probably give me the most relief.
  3. Sleep with a pillow between your legs. This has been my saving grace for getting any sleep. I have a nice long body pillow so I can rest my legs and my growing belly on it.



2 thoughts on “Chronically Pregnant- Week 14”

  1. So glad you’ve found some coping methods and exercises! Jonah’s dad had to carry me to the potty and in and out of the bathtub in my first trimester because I got sharp shooting sciatica pain down my legs. Crazy! So I feel you’re pain. It’s cool you have a writing outlet too. See ya Friday : )
    And if ya don’t want to leave the house because of issues, I can come visit you! ; )

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