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Chronically Pregnant – Week 13

13-weeks Ok, before you get all up in arms about my photo, it’s just mint tea people! Saving those double shot espressos until after BabyJax makes his arrival! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s chat about neuropathy. I’ve started to notice that the neuropathy in my feet is increasing, as well as some of the nerve pain in both of my legs and back. This is a bit alarming to me because I’m barely into my second trimester and I really cannot take any preggo-safe medications to help the symptoms. I did bring this up to my OB and have a neuro consult scheduled so I’ll keep you posted! The last thing I want is to be a fall risk while I’m pregnant…I’m ungraceful enough as it is.

A few things I’m doing that have helped to alleviate some of the neuro symptoms include:

  1. Not sitting too long. I sit for work/writing/because I’m tired and feel like it, etc. I try to get up and stretch every 15-20 minutes. I march in place or go for a quick walk.
  2. Sleep with a pillow between my legs. This has seemed to help alleviate some of the back discomfort, and I have a nice long one to rest the belly on which is nice!
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. Most of the time I’m pretty consciences about my fashion sense… Right now I just want to be comfortable and not fall on my face. Wear shoes that are supportive and roomy. Our feet don’t need any more excuses to hate us.
  4. If you’re experiencing increased nerve pain or neuropathy, be sure to bring it up with both your OB doc and your neurologist! Pregnancy is no time to be stubborn because you don’t want to be a complainer. You’re creating new life all while battling a weird and scary disease! You’re already tough 😉

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