Chronically Pregnant – Week 12


So excited to announce that we are having a BOY!!!! Even more excited to announce that the genetic testing all came back normal. This was such a huge relief for me. While I’m still in utter awe of the fact that science has come so far that you can tell the gender of your baby and test for genetic abnormalities through a simple blood test at 10 weeks gestation, I’m so incredibly thankful! Up until this week, I’ve mostly touched on the difficulties of pregnancy with a chronic illness but today I just want to focus on celebrating! Our pregnancies can certainly be a challenge but what an incredibly Blessing to still be capable of growing a little, precious human despite all that our bodies have been through.

So, let’s celebrate!!

  1. Treat Yourself!!! You an your baby have worked so hard through this first trimester! I went and had a manicure and it just felt so wonderful to be pampered!
  2. Make a family “Wishes” jar. Throughout your pregnancy, you and your family and friends can write down wishes for the baby. “My wish for you is that you will always feel loved.” Fold them up and put them in the jar! After baby is born, put them in his baby book, or just close the jar up for him or her to open at graduation!
  3. Just sit an enjoy your bump. Put on some soothing music, get in a cozy spot, and just love on that sweet belly. Rub some coconut oil on it, talk to it, embrace it because it’s so beautiful!

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