Chronically Pregnant- Week 10


What an exciting week! Today I will go take a blood test called the “Panorama” test. This will check for chromosomal abnormalities and even let us know the gender of our little peanut. Honestly the gender blood test blows my mind! I figured with this pregnancy, like all others, I’d just have to wait until I was 20 weeks and hope to get a good “view” on the ultrasound. I’m sure this is not some totally new thing, but it’s new to me and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! Of course the anticipation of the results of the rest of the blood work has be a bit anxious but I’m really just trying to focus on positive thoughts and baby gender!

Tips for Week 10:

  1. Having a blood test to check for chromosomal abnormalities can be a little nerve racking. We all pray and hope for healthy babies. Take deep breaths, don’t pre-freak out, and stay focused on the positive, and the excitement of finding out if you’re having a boy or girl!
  2. Pregnancy sickness still keeping you feeling a little green? Me too. I’ve read that this week can actually be the worst for it, but there is light at the end of the tunnel in week 12 when praying to the porcelain gods should start to subside.
  3. I’m hot. I’m cold. Then I’m hot again. Good grief. With my particular neuro/auto disorder I have a difficult time regulating my body temperature. Pregnancy is totally not helping. Dress in layers and bring a portable fan with you everywhere you go.

5 thoughts on “Chronically Pregnant- Week 10”

  1. Congratulations! Very exciting news. Blood tests to find out the gender. This is news to me. Much better than having to go through Ultrasounds.
    Last night my lower half was freezing and my forearms and hands were boiling hot. Lots of fun haha. I guess the room was 24°C


  2. Lisa I so enjoy reading everything you write. You are so talented. I will always be thankful that God let me meet you and become friends. Your little bump is adorable. Praying you will continue to have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy. Love ya!!❤️

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