Chronically Pregnant- Week 9


This pregnancy has got me, and everyone around me, playing Russian Roulette with my emotions. My moods swing so high and so low, even the most daring individual wouldn’t dare step on this amusement park ride. I can go from happy to crappy in 0.5 seconds. Catching my drift? I get that a moderate amount of moodiness is normal in pregnancy, no thanks to Captain Hormones and his trusty sidekick, Super Nausea, but this is getting quite ridiculous. I guess I’m realizing that having a disorder of my nervous system, that affects my NERVES, that I seem to have only one left of, is maybe also playing its part in this moody fiasco. I’m finding that I’m in desperate need of a lot of space and even more understanding. I’m not going to impart you with any great words of wisdom as I have not even begun to conquer this beast in me, but I will tell you a few things that seem to help me, and those who have to live with me.

  1. When you feel the heat of a full on mood swing start to arise, REATREAT! Lock yourself in your room, bathroom, car, whatever…and just breathe
  2. Have a code word for your family that let’s them know you can absolutely not take anymore. Like if the kids are climbing the walls and your partner is driving you nuts, say “BANANA”… This is the cue for everyone to calm the hell down unless they want to deal with the backlash of your almighty hormonal fury
  3. Use preventative measures. Carve out quiet times during the day for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes here or there to sit and journal or read. 5 minute meditations using an iPhone app like Simple Habit, might save your sanity, and everyone else’s

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