Chronically Pregnant – Week 6



The four most frequently used words I’m using presently are “I need to pee.” How can something the size of a pea make me constantly have to pee?! Well, the answer is hormones, ladies. Our crazy influx of hormones are causing all kinds of crazy things to happen to our bodies right now, including increased gas and bloating. (Yay!) Don’t take it too hard if you feel like you’re already “showing.” It’s just gas and water but I kind of like looking as pregnant as I feel and am enjoying my bump. (Plus, this is baby #5 for me so this may be very different for you!)

If you have neurogenic bladder, you may want to consider wearing a pad about now. Nothing is less fun than sneezing or laughing and then peeing your pants.

A few bathroom tips for the week that have helped me:

  1. Cross your legs when you laugh, cough, or sneeze.
  2. Keep drinking lots of water! Don’t let the frequency of your bathroom trips keep you from staying hydrated! Believe me, totes worth it. Dehydration is no fun
  3. Pee before you go. Even if you don’t think you have to, make a trip to the bathroom before leaving your home, any establishment, etc. It will help save you from so many emergency gas station bathroom trips.

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