Chronically Pregnant – Week 5


I had my first prenatal appointment. I was so much more nervous than I though I would be. Mind you, I’m not a very gracious nervous person. I sweat, giggle, and stumble over my words. It’s quite ridiculous. I really half expected my doctor to say something like, “REALLY? YOU’RE REALLY GOING TO TRY TO HAVE A BABY WITH ALL OF THESE HEALTH ISSUES?!” He did not, however. He was kind and wonderful. He patiently answered my 5 million questions and, while I’m considered high risk, he gave me lot of assurance about the high risk prenatal team that would be working together with me. I was hoping to get to see my little sesame seed on an ultrasound but I have to wait maybe another week. After I’m 20 weeks pregnant, I will have ultrasounds every 2 weeks.

Some Tips for Week 5:

  1. You may be going for your first OB appointment this week. Get a good feel for your doctor. If he pregnancy-shames you for having a chronic illness and wanting a baby, leave and find someone else. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  2. Be sure to write down the million questions you want to ask your OB doctor. And, yes, it’s ok to have a million questions and none of them are stupid.
  3. Zofran, and anti-nausea medication will be your bestest friend. Mint tea has also been my bestie to help battle the belly burn.

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