Chronically Parenting – I feel like I’m forgetting something…

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    School activities, dentist appointments, sports schedules, birthday parties…It’s hard enough to remember everything that goes on in a single day with your children without having short term memory loss, a symptom of many neurological disorders.

    Here’s how leaving my house usually goes: get kids in car, back out of driveway, forget football helmet, pull back into driveway to go in and grab helmet, get halfway down the block, remember that I need to bring a borrowed book back, go back to house to get it, pull back out of driveway just to remember I left my wallet on the counter. Is it any wonder that we are 30 minutes late getting anywhere? And that’s making “good time” for us. Ugh, so frustrating, but I have learned a few things that have helped my Dory brain along the way (knocking down being an hour late in half. It’s the small victories people)

Tips to help you remember:
1. Alarms: Oh how I love technology these days! Every time I have ANYTHING to do, I immediately put it into my calendar in my phone and set two alarms to remind me. (one for the day before and one to remind be an hour before) I do this for doctors appointments, practices, remembering I need to pick up snacks, whatever. Everything goes in the calendar and everything gets an alarm!

2 Sticky Notes: Yellow is a happy color so why not just go ahead and plaster your walls with pretty little yellow sticky pad notes to remind you of what your plans are. I stick notes on my computer, my bathroom mirror, and my fridge.

3. Wall Calendars: I have three. One in my kitchen, one in my office, and one by the front door.

Is this all super tedious? Absolutely! But it has saved me, and will save you, from the frustrations that come with being forgetful. I may not remember what I had for breakfast yesterday or what the name of the movie I saw last week was, but I’ll darn sure remember to pick the kids up from Practice, and get to my dentist appointment.

3 thoughts on “Chronically Parenting – I feel like I’m forgetting something…”

  1. It made me feel better reading this. It helped to know I ‘m not alone with the short term memory problems and that others use the same techniques. I use calendars, sticky notes and to do list pads. Also my smartphone’s alarm, reminder and note features. These are important necessities in my life with my memory getting worse everyday.

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