Chronically Parenting- Life keeps moving, even when we cannot



   Before getting this ridiculous condition, I had four very active kids with crazy sports schedules and a social calendar that probably matches that of Justin Beiber. And guess what? After I got sick, they still had the same activities and social life. Whether I’m well or unwell, life doesn’t stop moving at it’s radical pace, especially when you’re a parent.

   This was probably the toughest part of my life after being diagnosed with a debilitating illness. I tried to keep up like I could when I was “healthy” but I just couldn’t. I felt like a total failure as a parent. I was discouraged and frustrated…. and unwilling to ask my kids to change their plans and alter their dreams for me. So this is what I did:

Think of your fellow mom friends as a force for good, like transformers if you will. Mombots unite! It is only thanks to the amazing moms in my life that my children have been able to have a fulfilling summer and a great start to their school year. These moms have taken my kids with them on outings, taken them to football practice, and have taken them under their wing to love as their own. Did I ever expect it? Absolutely not. But I am an extension of my fellow Mombots and we work together. I do for them as I can and they do for me as they can. Be a community, a village with your group of Mom friends. It will create a solid bond and enrich your life and your child’s. It’s OK to ask for help!!! Don’t let your illness be some big secret. Your mom friends, your true friends, are going to be there for you! I am unafraid to ask my Mombots for help, and they are unafraid to ask of me. It takes a village! <— If you’re not familiar with that saying, Google it. The bottom line is, we are not in this alone.

(This particular post is dedicated to my Mombots. I love you and appreciate you more than I could possibly put into words. Thank you Gina, Melissa, Madonna, Jill, Tammy, and Olivia)

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