Chronically Parenting – Back to School


So, does anyone else besides me go into full on panic mode about two weeks before school starts?! We are going from a go-with-the-flow, easy going summer …. to chaos. Back to school shopping in crowded stores, Open house events, registration, and don’t even get me started on the anxiety I’m having about have to actually be up early every morning and get my kids to the school bus on time…in clothes…and fed…and maybe brushed hair. I think I may be hyperventilating a bit just while I’m writing this. Having a whacky medical condition on top of it all just isn’t helpful.

So, this year I’ve done a few things to help prep myself for my kids going back to school:

  1. Online back to school shopping. Thank you Amazon for making my life so much easier. I can’t even pull up to a Wal-Mart during back to school time without needing to breath into a paper bag.
  2. My kids can eat breakfast at school. I used to feel guilty for not having a great breakfast ready for them before school but in true “me” form, I always just ended up throwing pop-tarts at them as they were headed for the school bus anyways. If your childs school offers breakfast, take them up on it.
  3. Night-Before Prep. I have my kids set out their clothing, school bags, lunch boxes the night before school. This saves me the hassle of frantically looking for underwear and socks in the morning, and I get about an extra 10 minutes of sleep….and I need every minute of it.

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