Chronically Parenting -Don’t Judge


It’s almost 11am on a Monday morning when my doorbell rings. Crap, I forgot that somebody was picking up some bedding I sold on the local trading website. My kids are still miraculously asleep and I’ve been in and out of sleep for hours because my body is in total retaliation mode today. I get up to go get the door, still in my pajamas and with my hair all a bedhead mess. As I open the door my two little dogs run out to chase down the, very well put together, neighborhood mom group that goes walking every morning. As I waddle over to them looking three shades of crazy-lady, I’m totally embarrassed. I gather my dogs as searing pain runs up my spine and turn away from them with my head down and an embarrassed smile. I get the dogs in the house and the bedding lady squared away and then drag myself back into my bed. It’s now 11:15am. Guilty thoughts roll through my mind. I should have had my kids up and made them breakfast by now. Who’s not wearing a bra by noon?! Did those other moms gawk at me after I left? I’m judging myself and making the radical assumption that others are too… and then it hits me:

  1. How Blessed am I that I can be in bed in my pajamas at 11am on a Monday morning when I don’t feel well.
  2. Whether disabled or not disabled, every mom has her #hotmess moments. Maybe it’s not so bad to be a public example of being a mom that doesn’t “have it all together all the time.”
  3. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. My kids slept in. When they got up, I made them breakfast and then crawled onto the couch with them to snuggle up. I’m in pain and I don’t feel well but all my kids know is that they get to have snuggle time with Mom.
  4. Other people may judge me, or maybe they don’t… But the one person that shouldn’t be judging me is me. I’m a total #hotmess , but I’ll never stop trying to be the very best mom I can be with the circumstances I’m under. What more can we ask of ourselves than that? ❤

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