Chronically Parenting – Hearding Cats

cat     They’re so cute aren’t they? Those big eyes, that innocence. They’re just angels to watch sleep… but then it’s play time. You venture out of your home in hopes of a lovely time only to find yourself in a panic when they all start to scramble….. and I’m not talking about cats… I’m talking about the children.
“Where did Junior go?!” “Katie how did you get up there?!” “Jonathan, what are you covered in ?!” It happens in a split second, and like a turtle in the mud, you are left trying to herd your cats, err, children back together.
Parenting is an adventure when you’re not chronically sick, add that mess into the mix and it becomes less of an adventure and more like going into combat. You’re chucking spoons right and left and before you know it, you’re out of spoons and the fun has just begun. So, how do we survive said outings with the children? We can’t just keep them in a bubble just because we’ve got some weird chronic illness right?

Here are a few things I’ve learned about surviving outings with the kids:

  1. If they’re under four, just stay indoors. (I only say this because I was not sick with little ones, going to have to get a guest blogger for that one. haha)
  2. Take reinforcements with you. Bring your hubby, a babysitter, your BFF, whoever, but have someone there that can help you keep and eye on and lasso in the children.
  3. Have your children check-in frequently. If you’re somewhere with kids old enough to venture about on their own a bit, make sure they know they need to check in with you at specific times. That way they are finding you and not the other way around. If they do not show back up, have them paged over an intercom (this never embarrasses them at all.) *Loud Speaker* “Susy your mother is waiting for you in the feminine products isle. please meet her there.”  – bet Susy won’t miss that deadline next time 😉
  4. Set perimeters. ex. – “Joey you can play in this area but do not go past the swingset, etc”
  5. Set specific time limitations, not just for your kids, but for yourself. How many spoons is this trip going to take? Make sure you have enough left over for the rest of the evening. Maybe you used to go to the park for 3 hours and now you can just go for one. That’s ok! Just make sure the kids know how long you’ll be staying so they’re not so disappointed when it’s time to leave.
  6. Remember snacks…pretty much the most important thing to remember here.

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