Chronically Parenting – Flare Ups

dead end

     It was a beautiful day with big plans. The kids and I were going to go see “Finding Dory” (I think I was more excited than they were). Afterward, we were going to go get Smoothies at our favorite spot and then go on a picnic. We were all excited.

    About halfway through the movie, I started feeling really unwell. Not like “I’m coming down with something” unwell, like, oh crap, my legs are very heavy and I’m feeling very weak, unwell. By the time the movie was over, I could barely walk out. I was having a flare up that I was praying wasn’t turning into a relapse. Our plans stopped there. I had to call the kids’ dad to come get them and then I was stuck in bed for 4 days waiting for it to pass, praying I could just stay out of the hospital. The kids were, of course, disappointed. By now they’ve gotten used to the instability of my condition…but that doesn’t make it easier on me. I felt like I’d ruined our day.

Parenting with f#&> flare ups: A few things I’ve learned:

  1. You don’t have any control over them. You know this but do you REALLY know this? YOU DON’T HAVE CONTROL… So, when they happen, at the most inconvenient times ever, forgive yourself for having to stop dead in your tracks and take care of you
  2. Kids are kids. It you have a fun day planned and plans get altered, they’re going to be disappointed. You don’t have to feel guilty about that. Let them know that you understand they are frustrated, and as soon as you are feeling better, you will go do what you had originally planned
  3. DO NOT, let me repeat DO NOT just try to push through a flare up just so you don’t have to break plans. Even when you hate your body, respect it for giving you at least enough warning to get your bum back in bed.

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