Chronically Parenting- Overcoming the Summertime Blues

Boat Dock with Hazy Sunset2


School is out and summertime is here. The kids could not be more excited, and before this dumb disease struck me, I couldn’t be more excited either. I’m adapting, as we all do to my “new” body but sitting in the house, as not to avoid a flare up from the heat, while my kids are outside playing is not exactly what I had in mind for spending a quality summer with my kids. The kids want to run, play, swim, hike, camp, go to the beach, and go, go, go, as kids do…and what my kids were used to before I got sick. So… how do we have summertime fun without fearing relapses and flare ups?

Here’s a few tricks to beat the summertime blues:

  1. Water Parks: My kids are old enough to be turned loose in the water park. I stay in the lazy river with my big hat on. The water keeps me cool in the heat and the kids get to ride all the fun stuff! (We did season tickets this year. Worth every penny) Win Win.
  2. Movie Day: One sure fire way to beat the heat. Once a week have a movie day! Pop popcorn, have a candy station, let the kids lay blankets, and pillows all over the floor, and watch a movie together.
  3. Arts/Crafts: I’ve got one word for you: Pinterest. I have found so many awesome projects to do with the kids over the summer. We do an art/craft once a week. It’s something we can do, inside with the cool AC blowing, and they have a blast.
  4. Allow the kids to spend time with others and don’t feel guilty for not being there. I’m Blessed that my kids all have awesome friends, and their friends’ awesome families to latch onto a bit during the summer. They get to go do things like camping, parasailing, skating, boating (can you tell we live by the beach?). Sure, I’d love to go but I simply cannot do some of these things. My kids get the awesome experience with great friends, and believe me, they’re not spending a moment wishing I was there. 😉
  5. Know your limitations and take time for you. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of summertime activities when the kids are out of school. If you napped every day during the school year, find a way to make it happen during the summer too. Your health is the highest priority because we can’t be super awesome parents if we get ourselves in a big mess of a flare up.

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