Chronically Parenting -No Roller Coaster for Mommy

roller coaster


My moment of truth; I never liked roller coasters to begin with, so using the excuse of having TM/MS has worked out really well for me. I also don’t like heights, anything that moves to fast, or spins. I’m pretty much the lamest person ever to take to an amusement park. BUT, if you used to be that super cool parent who rode every ride with your kids and are now suddenly stuck holding everyone’s backpacks while they go due to your auto-immune/neurological condition, I could get where you’d feel frustrated and left out of the fun with your kids. Since I’ve always been the backpack holder, this was easy for me to write about…

Here are some tips for being the most fun parent on the ground!

  1. If you are a cool enough of a parent to take your kids to an amusement park, you’re cool enough. Your kids are so thrilled to be there and they are just happy you’re the one that took them!
  2. Take this opportunity to be the best ball tossin’, gun totin, ring throwin’ parent at the park. That’s right! You get that giant unicorn for your kid and you’ll be THE coolest parent EVER! (we have had brought home enough carnival gold fish to start our own aquarium)
  3. Yeah the rides are fun but the fried food and overprices lemonade is where it’s at! In the midst of all the chaos, have a nice sit-down meal with your family. The fact that you were able to all be there together is what makes the memories for your kids. Trust me, I’ve never been on a single ride with my kids, and it hasn’t made them love our vacations to the amusement parks and less fun and memorable.

2 thoughts on “Chronically Parenting -No Roller Coaster for Mommy”

  1. I am so with you on this! I was already never a roller coaster junkie and now my MS just gives me an excuse to stand on the ground with the funnel cake while my brothers go on all the roller coasters! lol 🙂

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