Chronically Parenting -Crabby Moms


Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic forgetfulness, chronic blah blah blah… I could go on for days. No wonder we’re not always the “Perky Parents” we want to be! When I’m super fatigued I often find myself being snappy with my kids, impatient, counting down the minutes until their bedtime. This is often followed by guilt for not being the SuperMom I felt I should be. I think, “Other Moms are so much better with their kids because they don’t have this dumb disease.” So, how do we deal with these “Crabby Mommy” moments? (besides eradicating our condition from our bodies.)

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned to help curb my crabby parenting:

  1. Give yourself a time-out. That’s right! Time-out isn’t just for being in trouble. When you feel a case of the crabbys coming on, stop what you’re doing and take five minutes to hide in a bathroom or wherever and just take some deep breaths.
  2. GET SLEEP!!! How many nights to you spend awake for hours and hours past when your kids have gone to bed watching TV or playing on your phone? Or doing the dishes and laundry for that matter? Turn it off, put it down, let it pile up, and get your sweet tush to bed.
  3. Call in the reinforcement. Sometimes we’re just completely overwhelmed and need help. Send the kids to a neighbor’s for an hour, call your sister, your best friend, your dog-walker, whoever! Get someone to come help you so you can decompress and re-center.
  4. A little prayer goes a long way 😉


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