Chronically Parenting – Let’s talk about Cooking


Remember those days before you got sick when you spent hours in the kitchen meal prepping and making gourmet dinners for your family? Well, me either… But for many Moms who once enjoyed this, now daunting challenge, the inability to still be Racheal Ray in the kitchen makes us feel somehow inadequate as a Mom. I’ve never been one to slave over the stove but I was certainly able to spend more time cooking than I am now. I could at least bust out some great pancakes instead of tossing Pop-Tarts at my kids as they’re running out the door to catch the bus.

Here’s a few tips about cooking (from the most mediocre chef ever):

  1. Just order pizza every night… Kidding!
  2. Not spending hours in the kitchen DOES NOT make you a bad Mom! Your kids are going to be happy  whether you spend 2 hours making dinner or 20 minutes. They just want something good to eat.
  3. Make cooking a family activity! My kids LOVE to help me cook. They’re so proud of helping to be a part of making dinner.
  4. Fall in love with your crockpot again. What’s easier than just throwing a bunch of raw food into a big pot and having a perfect dinner waiting for you 5 hours later?!
  5. There are some really great companies out there that prep your food for you!!! Check out Blue Apron. It’s great! They deliver awesome dinners to your door, already prepped and ready to cook, and you can totally take all the credit 😉

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