Am I Having a Relapse?

Sick person   Many of us afflicted with auto-immune/neuro conditions have relapses or flare ups. This is an exacerbation of our symptoms that can hit us out of nowhere. It’s super annoying.

About two weeks ago, I started having symptoms of a relapse. After enjoying an active remission from this disease, I became severely fatigued, my legs started dragging, and I felt very unwell. I had only been in remission for 3 months and I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I saw my neuro who immediately wanted to put my on high dose IV steroids and IVIG (which previously caused me to have aseptic meningitis) I was dreading this treatment and told my neuro I’d need time to think about whether I wanted to start this aggressive treatment. I knew time was not on my side but I needed it anyways.

I got home and did a reassessment. Was there anything that had changed that could be causing my flare up? I have been under a lot of stress. Additionally, I was placed on an antibiotic for an infection just four days before my flare. (light bulb moment!) My antibiotic!!!! Could that be causing this?! I obtained permission from my doc (ok, I really didnt’ but that’s what you should do) and stopped my antibiotic. Within two days, all of my relapse symptoms had subsided.

So…. When you think you may be having a Relapse:

  1. Self Evaluate – Have there been any changes to your medications that may be the culprit of your symptoms. Are you stressed as crap and just need to take a few days to decompress?
  2. It’s OK to say “No”. I have a fantastic team of doctors and I trust them very much with my care. With that being said, there’s just some crap I’m not willing to do, no matter what the consequences. It’s my body, my health, my life. We get to make a choice about our treatment
  3. Don’t be your own doctor – I know, I’m kind of contradicting myself here, but if you think you may be having a relapse or flare up, don’t be stubborn about seeking help. It’s OK to call your doctor 3 times a day and make appointments whenever you feel you need them!

2 thoughts on “Am I Having a Relapse?”

    1. I know that feeling Alysha! It can be hard not to be anxious about relapses, especially when we start to become symptomatic. Something I’ve learned to do is immediately stop in my tracks and put myself to rest as soon as I become symptomatic. Decrease stress, rest, and pray 💙

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