Beast Mode, Activated.


Before the onset of Transverse Myelitis, I was a yoga loving, paddleboarding, running with my kids, beachin’ on the weekend mamma. When TM, seemingly, wiped all of that away from me, I felt like I would never be “me” again. I thought I’d have to take up coloring and try to win the world record for couch sitting. It was devastating, but guess what?! This “new life” is no excuse to just give in to our beds and couches. It doesn’t mean we have to give up what we love, it just means we have to be a little more creative.

I have been reading some incredible stories from amazing people I have met on this journey from several neuro/autoimmune websites and FaceBook pages. A man who has taken up archery, a woman who plays volleyball from her wheelchair, children who take dance classes despite their handicap. And there’s me too. Sure I had to turn in the paddle board, but I traded it for a Kayak! Running? Nope! But I’m walking 5ks, and if I can’t walk them, my sis gladly pushes me in my wheelchair.

Here’s a few tips for activating your Beast Mode!:

  1. Just do it! I mean really do it! Decide today how tomorrow is going to look for you. Remember what you love doing and find a way to do it!
  2. You are way stronger than you give yourself credit for. I get you! I’ve given into my inner pity party but stop it! You’re a Beast! And a Badass!!! You got this far right?!
  3. Get your friends in on it. I can’t carry my damned kayak to save my life but I can sure phone up a buddy to hoist it over to the beach for me and put it in the water so I can do my thang~!  <—- Yup, I said “Thang”. Get out there and do your thang!!!!!
  4. Share with us how you activated your Beast Mode! Comment below and let us give you some Kudos for being massively awesome.


6 thoughts on “Beast Mode, Activated.”

  1. Beast Mode. I love that guy. Star running back for the Seattle Seahawks. And Super Bowl Champion. He just retired. What a great analogy. My Beast Mode is activated every day. Diagnosed with SPMS, stopped working just over a year ago, and learning how to be a disabled American. Don’t know if Beast Mode applies to that kind of learning. When I think of Beast Mode I see him running down the field, knocking over would-be tacklers, devouring field like a raging river I live each day pushing my MS self yet not too much. If so, I pay for it later. Thanks for the post Ms. Helms. It is truly appreciated.


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  2. Good for you Lisa!
    I have been growling at TM since it kicked me from career to stay-at-home wife 12 years ago. Yesterday, my 9 year old grandson gave me a Bday card where he had printed, “Happy Birthday Grandma, One reason I love you is whatever happens you are optimistic.” Maybe the words are his own or maybe he had parental help. It doesn’t matter. I AM optimistic! I’m 66, growling at TM and making memories!
    Three years ago I had help getting in and out of my first kayak. It wasn’t just fun – it was freedom. Grandson and I glided across the water with the biggest smiles. It was also the summer I had my first canoeing experience where we saw turtle after turtle basking in the sun while an American Bald Eagle quietly watched us from a branch overhead. Nothing can explain the freedom I feel moving at that speed.
    Last summer hubby and I rented kayaks three times where it was a pleasure to tip for all the help we are provided by the staff.
    I thank God everyday for movement. I’m slow and awkward physically, however, spiritually I walk by faith, I stand on the Word of God, and I’m running the race set before me. I pray for all who are affected by autoimmune illnesses.
    Yes, yes, yes, I have pain all the time, but the best compliment you can give me is to say, “But you don’t look sick.” I don’t want to look sick. i want to look good. I want to look normal.
    Kudos to you Lisa. You’re looking good today!

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