Watch out world, I’m in remission!!!




[ri-mishuh n] /rɪˈmɪʃ ən/


the act of remitting.
  1. a temporary or permanent decrease or subsidence of manifestations of a disease.
  2. a period during which such a decrease or subsidence occurs:
    The patient’s leukemia was in remission. (dictionary.com)

Oh beautiful remission. After being hospitalized for 17 days in November for a Transverse Myelitis relapse, and getting 90% of my plasma sucked out and replaced, I AM FINALLY IN REMISSION!!!!! So what does that mean? For some of us with autoimmune/neuro conditions, we get this sweet little respite from our ridiculous diseases. Not everyone gets to experience remission, but I’m one of the fortunate patients that does. This period may last weeks, or even a couple of months for me. In this time, I’m able to walk, be active, have energy, play, and do the many things I normally can’t do with this disease…. SO WATCH OUT!!!! I will work on restoring a ’69 Cadillac, I will try to walk a 5K, I will walk up stairs, and most importantly, I will play with my kids!!! Am I better? Is this disease eradicated from my body? Unfortunately no…. but remission always feels like a second chance. Those things I once took for granted, like walking on the beach or to my mailbox, will be very exciting for me and I will love every minute of it!!!


So, Here’s the deal with remission:

  1. It’s temporary
  2. Do not worry about me “overdoing it” or tell me I can’t or shouldn’t be active. I know you just care about me…but I’m taking full advantage of feeling well!!!
  3. I may be running today and in a wheelchair tomorrow but YOLO ya’ll!! Remission is beautiful and wonderful! (Just ask my sister who may find me dancing and singing into a hairbrush while I’m getting ready in the morning.)


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