When the kids are sick…


Three out of Four of my beautiful children currently have strep throat. At one time, I fled into nurse mode, making rounds with chicken soup and snuggles. Now when my kids get strep throat, I panic a bit. The last time I had strep, I relapsed and couldn’t walk for 3 weeks. I was bed-bound and it took six weeks and IV steroids, via home health, care for 5 days to recover

Many of us affected with autoimmune and neurological conditions have suppressed, or overly excited immune systems. When I get sick, my immune system just thinks its just a FANTASTIC idea to attack my spinal cord! Silly white blood cells, they just get so excited and start attacking everything! I appreciate that they’re so gung-ho but they’re kind of dumb.

So, what do we do when our kids get sick?! We want to rush to their side and take care of them but what will that cost us? Here are a few tips I have for that torn feeling you have between comforting your child and quaranteening yourself to your bedroom with a bottle of Germ-X and a can of Lysol until they get better:

  1. Invest in a box of disposable face masks. Explain to your children the importance of you not getting sick with what they have, so you are going to where a face mask so you can care for them but minimize your exposure.
  2. Ask your doctor if you should start a round of antibiotics. (This makes me cringe a bit because I’ve always been a bit against the use of prophylactic antibiotics but strep is simply a risk I can’t afford to take)
  3. If you have a spouse or family member that can help you with the kids, take advantage of that! Obviously you don’t wan them to get sick either, but if they get sick, it won’t be nearly as damaging to them as it will to you
  4. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! MAKE YOUR KIDS WASH THEIR HANDS!!! The best way to prevent illness and the spread of germs is hand washing!!!


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