Sometimes it just hurts to be me…

painI’m sitting at dinner with a friend when all of the sudden I have a stabbing pain in my head. I’m talking on the phone with a client when it suddenly feels like I’m being electrocuted in my back, radiating down my spine and into my legs. This disease is so freaking rude! Many of us with neurological/auto-immune conditions suffer from intermittent or chronic pain. It’s a giant pain in the ass… sometimes literally. Chronic pain can cause a huge disruption in our lives ranging from difficulty sleeping to severe depression.

Here’s what people need to know about our pain:

  1. So you want to know what it’s like to be me? Stick your head in a vice grip for three days straight…. or stick your leg in a light socket…No? I wouldn’t blame you. I don’t want to feel this way either.
  2. I try hard not to complain. I often smile through a migraine or attempt to do housework through debilitating back pain. When I do complain, it’s because I hurt worse that my “usual” and a little compassion goes a long way.
  3. Sometimes…well, often times, my pain requires that I back out on obligations or plans I’ve made. If I can’t make it to dinner at the last minute, or have to cancel chaperoning that field trip, please understand that this pain is unpredictable and when it comes on, I can’t help it.

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