When your world falls apart…again



The first time your world falls apart is when you get diagnosed with whatever weird neuorologica/auto-immune disorder is; that you probably never even heard of before you got pegged with. You wonder how you will make it in this world. Why did this happen to you?

You begin making adjustments to your new life when BAM!!!!!… Your world falls apart again. It can come in many forms. Maybe you lose your job, your spouse leaves you, or your friends and family suddenly seem to disappear. You think to yourself, “ WTF?! Like having this dumb disease wasn’t bad enough, now I’m getting hit with this crap!”

Ugh, so annoying isn’t it? The idea of trying to rebuild your life AGAIN seems like an impossibly daunting task…

Here’s what you need to know when your world falls apart again:

  1. When life throws you lemons, you pick those bad boys up and pelt them back at life with all of your might. You show life that you’re not going to take it’s crap…or it’s crappy lemons!!!!
  2. Find support. If you feel like the entire world has dumped you, turn to a support group or FB page with other people who have your same medical condition. Rally up with those people and fight back!
  3. YOU are a worthy person. You are worthy of stability, love, and relationship. As impossible as things seem right now, you’ve made it this far. That makes you a total badass and remember that. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!!! Piece by piece, and day by day, your world will start to take shape again. Hold tightly to hope.


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