My Memory is getting so..Waffles!

memory sepia.jpg I know I’ve talked about it before but I’m talking about it again… I followed up with my Neuro a few days ago after taking a memory test because I’m fairly convinced my brain is turning into jello. My suspicions were confirmed by my Doctor, who just stared at me apologetically after I asked her for my results… That’s never a good sign right?! And JUST as complete confirmation, as I was leaving the office she handed me a sheet of paper with the date of my next follow up appointment. As I was walking out the door, I turned and asked “Do I need to stop at the front desk to make an appointment?” Again… that apologetic look. Freaking waffle, sparkle, squirrel brain!!!

Here’s what’s up with our Dory brain ya’ll:

  1. I forgot
  2. Just Kidding
  3. Cognitive changes are a “normal” occurance in people with many neurological conditions. It is a source of great frustration and often embarrassment. Yes, I will ask you for your name, even if I’ve known you for years… It is what it is. Please be so very patient with your friends with this issue! I may forget that we hung out last week, your birthday, or a favorite memory we had together. It’s not because I don’t care enough to remember. ❤ ❤

Read more about cognitive changes at:



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