YOU ARE ENOUGH. – The Movement

YOU ARE ENOUGH“YOU ARE ENOUGH.” is a concept that was birthed by one of my very best friends, Gina Hallam, and I. It’s a statement that needs to resonate to all of us battling invisible illnesses. It’s as simple as this. YOU ARE ENOUGH; right where you are, just who you are, just the way you look, just how you feel.

The term “Invisible Illness” encapsulates any and all medical conditions which cannot always be “seen” by others. Some examples of invisible illnesses include Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Transverse Myelitis, Depression, and a myriad of others. When we are struck with one of these conditions, it almost always encompasses to the feeling of not feeling like we’re “enough” anymore. We feel that we’d be good enough if only we were still able to still do our favorite hobby, didn’t have to take so much medication, didn’t rely on loved ones to help care for us, could still work a regular job, (insert your “why” here).

This is a lie. We must stand together to believe in ourselves and to love ourselves wholeheartedly just where we are. YOU ARE ENOUGH. (emphasis on the PERIOD) Join us as we take a stand against the battle we face with our own hearts as those who are afflicted with invisible illnesses and know that WE ARE ENOUGH; right where we are, just who we are, just the way we look, just how we feel.

Peace and Blessings to you all,

Lisa Helms and Gina Hallam

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