Cane Shame…

caneSo there sits my walking crutch in the corner all alone. I know it’s there to help me, and I shouldn’t be so hard on it, but admittedly, I have cane shame. Cane shame comes when you go from a yoga loving, jogging, paddle-boarding, sassy walkin’ woman to a waddling mess, and need to use a cane to help you get around. Before my cane, I had swagger! I was a hip swinging, long legged, straight on the runway, sexy mamma! Now I’m a duck waddling, rubber band legged, stumblin’ like I’m a drunk, swagger lackin’ chick with a stick. It’s a harsh reality for many of us. I’m suppose to use my crutch when I walk anywhere but I often just leave it sitting in the corner because I don’t want to be seen with the stupid thing…… But I know that’s unwise and prideful… Ugh… Those of us with cane shame must stand together (with our canes) and overcome! We must pimp out our canes and waddle with pride! We must not be ashamed of our canes but proud that we are still upright against all odds! Who’s with me?! Anyone? Tap Tap Tap… Is this thing on?

I got fancy with the duck tape to decorate mine, but if you need a little help in the creativity zone, this is a great website with some sexy canes just for you! http://www.fashionablecanes.com/

What people need to know about your cane shame:

  1. Hello, my name is Lisa…..and I have cane shame (everyone say, “Hello, Lisa.”)
  2.  I know you think I should just be thankful I’m walking at all, and most of the time I am…but there are so very many days when I look at my cane with disgust. Why can’t my legs just work? I don’t want to look like a granny! I want my swagger back!!! It’s just my reality!
  3. I may look all sweet and harmless with my cane but go ahead and try making fun of me, it turns into a ninja stick pretty quick….so be kind…or hiiiiiiiyyyyyaaa!

7 thoughts on “Cane Shame…”

  1. “Now I’m a duck waddling, rubber band legged, stumblin’ like I’m a drunk, swagger lackin’ chick with a stick.” One of the greatest sentences in English literature!

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  2. I have “crutch pride”. I waddle more without them then I do with them, and they allow me to go as far as I want! I think it’s all about the gear, though, and mine are made for sports and long distances. Anyway, I just use this crutch so other girls have a chance…

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  3. Hysterical but true. I’ve had my cane for two months and I’ve become a hermit! I hate the sympathetic looks. I hate that strangers have the nerve to ask why I have a cane. I hate that I’ve lost my “swag”. Thanks for the chuckle… I needed it 😉

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  4. Werk your cane lady!! Your friends don’t care and we’ll be there to help smack the crap out of anyone who has the nerve to say something mean. My dad rocks his cane and I smile from ear to ear that he’s still walking! So, just werk it. 😘

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  5. Yes!! Oh, so true this cane shame. Some days I hate that I use it others I am so grateful to have by my side. I think what can be even worse than cane shame is having to use those big scooter carts in the grocery store. Having MS in my mid 30’s and being a small petite lady I get the strangest looks for using them as if I was playing on them and should not be using it.

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