All I want for Christmas is a Roomba

roomba-dog-800 You know! A Roomba! That magic robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your whole house for you! Can I afford one? Absolutely not… Can I wish for one? Of course!!

Vacuuming is my least favorite chore of all. (and that’s putting things nicely) With every swivel of the machine that would clean my carpets, it sucks my energy out of me like a ….. well….like a vacuum! A big horrible vacuum! When I look at my vacuum cleaner I become overwhelmed by the prospect of wasting all of my spoons on this ridiculous chore. It just sits there in all its dirt cleaning glory and smites me as I approach it, apprehensively, mocking me with it’s 12 AMPS of sand sucking power. Why oh why must we waste our precious SPPOOOONNNSSS?!

Ok, rant over… but seriously, here’s what people need to know about us and vacuuming

  1. I hate to vacuum
  2. If I MUST vacuum (and I must…unless someone buys me a Roomba), I will probably need to nap for at least 3 hours and you can just forget about the rest of the house!
  3. It gosh darn frustrating to be faced with, what most would consider a daily task, with the daunting fear that I will be completely useless when I’m done. Please be super considerate of the fact that cleaning my house is a really HUGE challenge…

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