Everybody poops…except me

poop.jpg  See that picture to the left? Know what that is?! It’s a piping hot cup of prune juice and Miralax. Mmmmm. Oh but we don’t want to talk about pooping right?! Surely nobody can know how pooping, or the lack thereof, plays a big role in this disease process! That’s too personal! WELL, I’m just throwing it out there… It’s hard to poop… and at the age of 34, I never thought my bowels would be at the forefront of my everyday thoughts… but they are.

What people that can poop need to know about those of us that can’t!!

  1. Well, you really don’t need to know about it… but we’re talking about it anyways because we can’t poop and it makes us grumpy
  2. When I do poop, I get really excited! (My husband gets excited too) Like, it’s a badge of honor in my house when Mom is pooping
  3. Bowel dysfunction can cause a great deal of frustration and embarrassment for those of us with neurological/auto-immune diseases. It can also aggravate other symptoms. Just letting ya know! Raise the glass of prune juice with pride!!!

1 thought on “Everybody poops…except me”

  1. HA – Very familiar with the prune juice and miralax combo and have written about my consitpation issues a number of times on my blog. Although this may sound odd, SO happy to know that there are others out there full of crap!:)


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