Day 4…

flowers  For many of us afflicted with an auto-immune/neurologic disease, that can mean long hospital stays. The first three days aren’t to bad. You’ve got an influx of concerned family and friends, fresh flowers, and the hospital food is still appetizing. Besides, those first few days you’re usually feeling too crappy to think about anything but just feeling better….. Then it hits you like a brick…Day 4. By now you’ve settled in, the first of your bouquets are starting to wilt and the flow of friend visits seems to slow down….leaving you feeling alone…and vulnerable. For me this means a good cry… I miss my kids, my soft pillow, my dogs, food that doesn’t all look the same soaked in a brown gravy concoction..

So…Here’s what people need to know about day 4

  1. Day 4 may just be the beginning of my hospital stay. While you may think I’m “living the dream” in my hospital bed, I really just want to be back to reality
  2. I’m emotional… Starbucks and chocolate are so appreciated… seriously…this poor excuse for a bad cup of Folgers they serve up in this place is enough to make anyone depressed
  3. Come see me. If you can’t come see me, try Skyping or Facetiming! I need to feel like I’m not alone in this and everyone’s love and support is completely vital to my healing ❤

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