I’m Pretty Much a Total Badass….

Plasma  Commonly people with chronic illnesses can be looked at as “weak” or “fragile”. You see this pic above you?! This is me with a giant tube in my jugular vein getting my blood sucked out of me, separated, and then put back in. Let me tell you, this is not for the faint of heart…or for the weak. Nope! Getting plagued with a auto-immune/neuro disease means getting to be a badass because ONLY a badass could go through all the crap we do and keep smiling and trucking along.

SO…here is what people need to know about just how badass we are:

  1. Imagine getting poked and prodded, electrocuted, transfused, and rehabilitated from paralysis… Been there, done that… I’m a badass
  2. At any given moment, I may not be able to walk… I may be plagued with severe fatigue…I may become very confused…. I do not live in fear because I’m a badass
  3. I refuse to give up… I will live life to the fullest no matter what my circumstances may be… I will be judged but I will have grace… and that makes me am a badass.

6 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Much a Total Badass….”

  1. Oh Yeah, you’re a Badass and a fricking riot. I snorted coffee all over my desk while reading your blog. You go, Girl! And if all else fails, beat them over the head with your cane. I’ll come bail you out of jail.


    1. Hahaha!!! Thank for the great feedback!!! And I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I ever wind up in the slammer for beating someone with my cane!!


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