Good day and bad days….. Don’t judge me by either!

bad day   Some days you may see me happily buzzing around town with my kids or my friends and then some days you may see me pacing like a turtle in tar with my arm crutch, or even being pushed by my hubby in my wheelchair. Puzzled by the inconstancy of my disease?… well crap! So am I! All I know is that I have good days and bad days and I definitely don’t get a choice over which days are which!

What people need to know about our good days and bad days:

  1. It’s next to impossible for me to make commitments to anything because I NEVER know how I’m going to feel.. So don’t pass be off as being flaky or non-committal… I’ve just had to learn a lot about going with the flow… and there’s no predictable flow
  2. Don’t assume because I’m up and about like a happy clam that I must be “faking” or “cured”. I will 100% take advantage of wellness and am not “playing sick” when I feel well just so the world knows I have this condition!!
  3. Don’t assume because I’m in bed or having a hard time moving that I must be “hamming it up” either! When I’m down, I’m really down! I wouldn’t be walking like Bambi on stilts for my own benefit! It sucks, ya’ll. That’s the truth!

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