Being a disabled Mom 101:

parenting I’m pretty sure I could write a whole blog JUST on being a mom with disabilities but I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Never in a million years did I think that smack dab in the middle of being a busy mom I’d get struck with some weird ass neurological/auto-immune disorder that would way slow me down. Like, my 5 year old doesn’t even run away from me anymore… He knows I can’t get around that fast so he actually just speed-walks away from me.. I still can’t catch him. My 12 year old knows that I have cognitive issues so he likes to ask me for something he’s already been given because I can’t remember that I already gave the kid $5 for whatever.. (In his defense, he always tells me he’s just kidding and that I already gave it to him..I think…) SO, in the spirit of keeping my posts short and sweet:

Here’s a few things to consider when dealing with Moms with disabilities:

  1. If you come over to my house and it’s a mess… and it will be..don’t be all judgy! I managed to get my kids off to the bus with pants on and a make breakfast that didn’t consist of throwing pop-tarts at them as they bolted out the door to catch the bus.. the rest of my energy for the day will be spent on breathing.. and maybe thinking a little.
  2. You’re my friend…. If you see my kid speed-walking away from me, walk fast after him for me will ya?
  3. Being a parent is tough work even when you’re healthy. Now throw in some debilitating condition and still try to feel like mom of the year. I don’t volunteer for every field trip. I’m not on the PTO. I don’t make every Birthday party. It’s not because I don’t care. I actually carry a lot of guilt over feeling inadequate because of my disability and whatever I have the physical capability of doing as a parent for my child, I’ll be the first to do so!

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