Baclofen for Breakfast…


pills2So my purse looks like a mini pharmacy… Let’s not be so quick to judge ok? There was a time when I spoke the words “If I ever have to take more than three medications, just take me out back and shoot me.” That was when I was “healthy” and now that’s laughable. Nobody is more annoyed at the cocktail of medications I have to take every day just to keep me upright and moving forward than I am… let’s just get that out there.

What people need to know about your bazillion medication bottles:

  1. I’m not a “pill popper”… Well, I am a pill popper, but not the kind that you think I am! If you’re wondering what I’m taking and why, just ask!!!!
  2. Please do not throw your “If you just took cinnamon bark and root of witch hazel (or whatever) ” in my face. If there was an “all natural way” to cure this crap I’d know about it and I’d be utilizing.
  3. Although the medications are necessary, they’re exhausting. I take so many pills in the morning, I don’t even have room for breakfast! BUT… if I didn’t have them I’d be in a lot worse shape than I am now sooo spare me your judgment because there’s no harder pill to swallow than a friend or family member who refuses to try to be understanding.

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