Today’s Forcast….. Brain Fog


Out of it, Dream State, Spacing Out…… I’ve been accused of all of them! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of a conversation and can’t remember what I’m talking about…. or I set an alarm and can’t remember what I set it for when it goes off. Sometimes I just feel like I just can’t grab a thought in my cloudy brain!!! This condition is commonly referred to as “Brain Fog.” Brain fog is a term neurologists use to describe a clouding of the consciousness, and is common in many people who have neurological, and some auto-immune disorders. This dulled state of awareness is often very frustrating and even embarrassing.

What People Should Know about Brain Fog:

  1. If I appear to be spacing out, DO NOT snap your fingers at me! This is a sure-fire way to awaken the Brain Beast who resides in the Brain Fog and will give you a verbal face-slap for being rude.
  2. It IS OK to gently remind me of what we were talking about if my train of thought seems to completely derail.
  3. Brain fog is EXTREMELY frustrating!!! Like…sooooo frustrating… so please be super patient with me and love me even if I repeat myself 3 times… and love me even if I repeat myself 3 times…. and love me even if I repeat myself 3 times

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