The Itch You Just Can’t Scratch…

itchEver have an itch you just can’t scratch? How about having random itching all over your body that is never relieved by scratching which totally drives your freaking crazy every day of your life?!?!?! No? Well we have!!! Welcome to the FUNtastic world of Neuropathic Itching. (Can you sense the sarcasm there… if not, go back and read it with sarcasm) Mostly affecting those with neurological conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, this itching is caused when a transmission of nerve impulses cross sites where they do not normally occur and where there has been previous damage to nerves. That’s fancy talk for “Our nerves are frayed and now we itch.”

What people should know about your Neuropathic Itching:

  1. I’m not carrying some weird, contagious skin disease. My itch actually has nothing to do with my skin!
  2. If you see me hop up and start itching all over, I will throat punch you if your make “monkey” noises at me
  3. As with many other symptoms I’m dealing with, neuropathic itching is annoying as hell, much more so for me than you so just shhhhhhh.

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