I promise I didn’t mean to kick you…

kickingOh that dreadful moment when your involuntary muscle spasms cause you to accidentally kick or slap someone… In my case the first instance was me kicking the nail lady painting my toes… and then I accidentally slapped my husband. ( It was really and accident I swear! ) He was a little more forgiving than she was. Involuntary muscle spasms are such a nuisance right? I mean, one minute you’re sitting perfectly still, and then the next, your body is jerking in some weird motion and you’ve totally just freaked out whoever is sitting next to you…. Not to mention they can get really painful!!! These involuntary spasms, often referred to as “Spasticity” in the medical world affect many people with neurological and auto-immune disorders.

What people need to know about our Spastic behavior:

  1. I’m sorry I kicked you OK?! It’s not like I can help it!!! Although I can’t promise I won’t use it as an excuse to kick some people… I kid! I kid!
  2. When we go out shopping, let us avoid the China shop shall we? I would be what some may refer to as.. “The Bull”
  3. I understand if my involuntary muscle spasms kind of freak you out. They freak me out too. Please just know I don’t have any control over it and they can be painful so just be aware of that 😀

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