Oh My Achin’ Brain!

headache1.jpg Like we don’t have enough crap to deal with, our neuro/auto-immune disorder has graced us with frequent headaches. And by frequent headaches, I mean that some of us have them daily or some of us get them for a week straight with next to no relief from medications, oils, yoga, or whatever other “stuff” everyone advises us to do for them. Don’t we sound like a bunch of whiners? Well, why don’t we put your head in a vice grip for a week straight and see if you don’t feel a little cranky about it, shall we?

What people need to know about your headaches:

1. I get them frequently. They suck. Yes, I’ve tried everything to make them go away. No, your voodoo concoction of oils and African wildflower is not going to help.

2. Because I get them so frequently I don’t really complain about them, so if I do, it’s a bad one. Try to be quiet and let me take a nap… or suffer the wrath of my crankiness

3. Headaches are a common symptom in people suffering with many neuro and auto-immune disorders. It clouds my thoughts and just adds to the daily pain I already deal with. Nobody is more annoyed by my chronic pain than I am so try to have a bit of sympathy ❤

1 thought on “Oh My Achin’ Brain!”

  1. Numbe 1 on your list cracks me up. I can’t count the number of “remedies” suggested to me. From rubbing lemon juice on my neck to inhaling peppermint oil, quite a few people have recommended instant headache relief.


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