Don’t Touch My Feet!!!


feet2Remember those days when you loved foot massages and pedicures? Now the thought of someone touching your feet makes you cringe! The first time I went to get my toenails painted (not even a pedicure!) after being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, I kicked the poor lady painting my nails when she touched the bottom of my foot! I didn’t mean to I promise! It was and involuntary reaction and I felt sooo bad. Many people with auto-immune/neuro disorders suffer from tingling/numbness of their feet. It makes it very uncomfortable when your feet get touched!!

What people need to know about your numb/tingling feet:

1. Don’t get all bum-hurt that I don’t want a foot massage. I appreciate the offer but it just feels weird to me now

2. If you touch my feet, I’ll probably kick you… It may or may not be an involuntary reaction

3. Having sensitive/tingling/numb feet can be super frustrating. It makes it hard to feel what’s under me and I can lose my balance. My feet get hot and then cold and then hot and then cold, making it virtually impossible to be comfortable so if I’m in wool socks one minute and flip flops the next, that is why.

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