Funny, the world wasn’t blurry yesterday!


You’ve always been proud of your hawk-like vision but now you find yourself squinting to see the road and confused your Uncle Jim for your Aunt Jane. World getting a little blurry? Vision changes are relatively common in those affected with auto-immune/neurological diseases. Rarely to they result in toal blindness but it’s probably time to go see your eye doctor. A word to the wise, your sensitive eyes may not be thrilled about contacts so if you’re considering contacts, get a trial pair first. And glasses make you look smart anyways!!!

What people need to know about your visual changes:

1. If I’m looking at the wall instead of your face when we are talking, I’m probably in denial about the fact that I need glasses. Go ahead and feel free to point out that I’m acting like Mr. Magoo

2. When I get my new glasses, tell me how super cool I look in them!

3. Visual changes can be scary, especially if I’ve developed something called Optic Neuritis (<—affects approx 55% of people with MS) because that can cause double vision, blurry vision, and even temporary blindness.

1 thought on “Funny, the world wasn’t blurry yesterday!”

  1. I love the picture so cute! Yes I to have to wear glasses I call them my peepers. It works well and yes we do look smarter in them 🙂


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