Don’t ask me to open the pickle jar please!

jarOh how we used to be so strong and mighty!!! Pickle jar? I got your pickle jar! Oh but now….. we longingly look at the pickle jar, the jelly jar, the honey jar and wonder, “How will we ever eat?” Weakness can occur in those of us affected with neuro/auto-immune diseases which results from deconditioning of unused muscles or damage to nerves that stimulate muscles. So freaking frustrating!!!!!!

What people need to know about our pickle jar affliction

1. I can’t open the damned thing so can you please help?

2. My physical weakness is so frustrating to me. Please be patient if I spend 30 minutes determined to open the pickle jar only to start sobbing because this just sucks.

3. If you’re a forward thinking, you can pre-open all jars when they come home… then when I go to open them, I will feel like Wonder Woman because I DID IT!!!!

2 thoughts on “Don’t ask me to open the pickle jar please!”

  1. explained it perfectly! Some days are so tough, especially when you didn’t sleep at all the night before and have 3 kids demanding that jar be opened ASAP lol


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